Profiting with Smart Safety in the Construction Worksite

Profiting with Smart Safety in the Construction Worksite

Alpha Through Lower Labor Costs

Our guests Raymond and Michael Volpatt are brothers and co-owners of Volpatt Construction, a commercial and institutional construction company based in Pittsburgh. They are also co-founders of ShareInTech, a construction workforce optimization, building management, and asset supervision company.

In this episode, Ray, Mike and Bruce discuss:

  • How wearables, beacons and geofencing work and how they have transformed safety at the Volpatt worksites.
  • How Volpatt is “eating their own dogfood’ by using solutions by ShareinTech and how that forms a virtuous cycle.
  • How the tech was adopted by their construction workforce and lessons learned.
  • How an increase safety measures reduces the cost of labor by improving a firm’s EMR (Experience Modification Rating) which in turn reduces worker’s compensation premiums.
  • Quantifying the value created and costs incurred to implement a smart safety solution.

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