Using Digital Transformation for Value Creation

A playbook originating from the author’s experience as a digital operating partner for a middle-market PE firm.

From the back cover:

The Tesla Model S. The Uber aggregator business model. The Amazon bookstore. What do they all have in common? They’re all smart. Smart products, smart business models and smart services created by data-driven tech companies that have dominated their industries and produced outsized returns for their investors. Now the high technology of digital transformation has matured to enable any traditional company to increase its competitiveness and growth profile by developing tech-facilitated business models and more intangible assets, like the most successful tech companies.

But what exactly is digital transformation, and how does it create value? Which portfolio companies have the most to gain? Who is the digital operating partner? And most important, how can your firm use this new value creation lever to achieve top-quartile results? The Private Equity Digital Operating Partner provides in-depth answers to these questions and more.

Business and technology thought leader Bruce Sinclair has been helping companies digitally transform since 2015, first as an independent consultant and then as an operating partner for a middle-market private equity firm. Now, he shares his unmatched insight and expertise to help private equity firms generate new alpha by:

  • Reenvisioning their portfolio companies and future targets through the lens of digital
  • Applying digital transformation for operational improvement
  • Finding and hiring the right resources to get it done

Although it may seem like we have smart products and business models all around us, it’s just the beginning in B2C and the very, very beginning in B2B. A smart company uses data to increase its sales through innovation and invention, to increase its margins through operational efficiency and to increase its valuation multiple through the digital rerate.

Digital transformation is leading to structural changes in all industry sectors, and associated with any such changes are investment opportunities. Not just by betting on smart companies, but by buying companies and making them smart. This is your opportunity to take the lead by seizing the power of digital transformation.

The book’s content chapters are freely available on this site.

However, if you would like the full book, formatted and bound, you can


Bruce’s First Book: IoT Inc

A Critically Acclaimed Best Seller with Over 100 Five-Star Reviews

How is IoT Inc different than The Private Equity Digital Operating Partner? IoT Inc was published by McGraw-Hill and is written for leadership and more generally covers the tech, business and strategy of digital transformation. The Private Equity Digital Operating Partner is written for fund managers and considers digital transformation from a value creation and investment perspective. This book is the application of IoT Inc for private equity.