Services Offered


No company is digitally transformed at once. Instead, digital transformation is the sum of its digital initiatives. Each digital initiative is selected based on its potential to create organic alpha through revenue growth, margin improvement and multiple expansion. Our services identify, plan and execute the digital initiatives that comprise high technology digital transformation.


We use our deep functional expertise in digital and our proprietary and standardized value discovery process to identify untapped value invisible to other value creation methods. Think of high tech digital transformation as a new value lever. Our services span sourcing, diligence, ownership and exit. No matter where you are in your deal or fund lifecycle, we can help by acting as your firm’s external digital operating partner. Examples of our services include:

  1. Portfolio Ranking. Ranks a fund’s existing assets based on potential digital impact. Grades the portfolio companies where digital can materially increase enterprise value.  Contributes to the Digital Investment Thesis.
  2. Company Scoring. Identifies and appraises the digital upside of an asset. Produces a high-level list of the company’s top digital initiatives and its overall digitalization score.  Contributes to the Digital Investment Thesis.
  3. Thesis Support. Investigates how digital can support and improve the investment thesis of an asset. Produces a list of supportive digital initiatives for each non-digital investment strategy.  Contributes to the Digital Investment Thesis.
  4. Digital Review. Analyses a portco’s current digital projects. Recommends how to improve existing projects and/or identifies more impactful ones.  Contributes to the Digital Investment Thesis.
  5. Growth Planning. Outlines the digital value creation roadmap for the first 100 days and first year. Identifies everything from quick wins to industry-disrupting opportunities and then plans the underlying digital initiatives. Contributes to the Digital Transformation Plan which can be incorporated into the portfolio company’s overall growth plan.
  6. Product Validation. Validates the digital initiatives’ features and revenue model with customers/prospects. Results in a voice of the customer report used to course correct.  Contributes to the Digital Transformation Plan.
  7. Workstream Execution. Delivers development plans for software, data science and engineering. Produces workstreams that meet the requirements of the digital initiatives within the Digital Transformation Plan. Workstreams are managed and executed by internal and external teams so can include assessing internal digital resources, building out internal teams and hiring third-party technical service providers.  Contributes to the Digital Execution Plan.
  8. Exit Planning. Performs sell side due diligence. Includes writing a compelling digital growth narrative to help justify a premium multiple by identifying future digital opportunities for value creation. Contributes to the Digital Exit Plan.

All services are self-contained and turnkey, requiring only points of contact in the PE firm and portfolio company.