Feeding the Digital Twin Beast in the Cloud

Feeding the Digital Twin Beast in the Cloud

Alpha Through Operational Cost Savings

Our guests, Robert Falzon, a financier, and Massimo Cesaro, a technologist, are two of the co-founders of Inkwell Data. They joined forces to bring to market their Altior IoT operating system which Massimo designed and developed.

In this episode, Robert, Massimo and Bruce discuss:

  • What the digital twin is, both conceptually and physically.
  • The stages of developing Inkwell Data’s Altior digital twin: connecting data sources to data structures (wiring it), describing it with a language so processes can be visualized and preparing the data to apply external analytics and AI on it.
  • An example of a smart building digital twin.
  • A comparison of the costs of using an IoT managed cloud services versus using a virtual private server for storing, integrating and updating a digital twin.
  • Methodologies for securing digital twins.

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