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Driving Value with Digital

How digital transformation provides traditional portfolio companies with the same competitive advantages that come naturally to digital/tech companies.

Best Practices

The specific ways private equity can apply the high technology of digital transformation to increase the enterprise value of their portfolio companies.

Digital Transformation by the Numbers

The main ways digital transformation improves a portfolio company’s finances by increasing EBITDA and the valuation multiple.

Technology Impact and Timing

The three levels of tech available to private equity, when they are applied and why digital transformation uses high technology for maximum impact.

The LBO Competitive Advantage

Why the LBO company ownership structure is best suited for digital transformation and which types of portfolio cultures are most likely to succeed.

The Most Suitable Portfolio Companies

Explaining the nonvalue-generating traits used early during diligence to filter for the best candidate companies to digitally transform.

The Role

The role and responsibilities of the digital operating partner and the type of work they do for their private equity firm and portfolio companies.

The Qualifications

The ideal qualifications required by the digital operating partner or digital team to successfully implement digital transformation in Private Equity.